What ‘Digital Strategy’ Means On Our Business Card


I decided to write this post because I think sometimes  the term ‘digital strategy’ frightens people. So too it seems does ‘digital transformation’. Neither of them should. Let me explain …

For simplicity I thought I’d turn to Wiki: for an explanation of the meaning of digital strategy.

Digital Strategy

“A digital strategy is a form of strategic management and a business answer or response to a digital question,  often best addressed as part of an overall business strategy. A digital strategy is often characterised by the application of new technologies to existing business activity and/or a focus on the enablement of new digital capabilities to their business.”

Digital Transformation

Marketing Week describes it as:

The term ‘digital transformation’ has been used to describe anything from creating a fully responsive mobile website to developing a social media strategy, but in reality true transformation needs to involve much more than just the end product.

I would recommend you read their article in its entirety. Even though it’s from April 2016 it all still stands true.

So basically, ‘digital’ whether its strategy or transformation is another string to your marketing bow. It might mean a small or even large culture change for your business but it’s all about putting digital first and understanding how to align with your customers.

So Here’s Where WE Come In

There is no one size fits all for any marketing plan so embedding digital into that plan is no different.

When Declan and I first meet with a new client we ask lots of questions to help us build up a picture of what their commercial objectives are for their business. Merging what you do online and offline is essential for any customer experience.

  • Ideally we like to carry out a digital audit as the first thing we do.  It’s important to understand what you already have and what problems you need solving.
  • It’s vital to understand what your building blocks are and if they are working correctly.
  • After that, we help you discover the tools you need to start making your business put digital first in its marketing plan.

I’ve been doing this for a long time. Thirteen years almost. I’ve worked for some amazing businesses over that time and since July I’ve become self employed again because …

My passion and goal is to show more businesses how easily it is to think, do and be digital.

I’d also like to stress that it doesn’t matter what niche or industry you are in. Putting digital first and top of your to  list  should be tantamount to everything you do.

Why not make 2018 the year that you make that change to putting  digital first in your marketing strategy? I know that change can be scary for many people but wth digital and tech it really doesn’t have to be that way.

Let me help you show you how to shape your digital strategy. Don’t let tradition and the mindset of ‘we’ve always done it like this’ let your competitors get ahead of you.






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