A Train Ride To Saltburn Farmers’ Market

Image Credit: Saltburn Farmers Market

You might remember that Saltburn is one of our favourite places. We’d been talking for a while about paying another visit as we’d heard the farmers market  was a good trip out. The tempting thought of  some tasty, local produce washed down with a few, good craft beers had us on the train quicker than you could say ..  well .. ‘Saltburn Farmers Market’.

We decided to get the train from Middlesbrough so that both Mr NN and I could have a pint or too. Usually, we have to fight over who should be the designated driver but we decided we would both take the opportunity to enjoy our  October Saturday.

It’s a very short train ride to at only £4.00 each return from Middlesbrough. As soon as you alight from the train the market is just off the platform. We arrived about 11am and we thought the timing was just about right  — the stalls were still pretty well stocked up with their produce.







This was our stash. Didn’t we do well?


We had some fabulous pit stops, too. Quite early on we had cake and cappuccinos at The Sitting Room.


We found a quaint, old fashioned pub where we enjoyed a pint of Guinness each. It was up for sale or let — can’t remember which — but we both agreed it must have been a great place in its hey day.


We were still a bit thirsty ( no surprise!)  so we made our way to Milton Street to seek out a newish micro bar we’d heard some friends mention .. The Gun Bar.

Here we had a gin and tonic each and some strawberry beers. It had a great vibe and was really buzzing for 3pm on a Saturday afternoon. It seemed like there was an endless stream of punters coming in and out. We both agreed we loved the decor as well as the beers and would definitely return. Oh and I tried a pickled egg for the first time ever in my life!


I have  a thing for neon and this was the sign for the ladies loos … what a shame I didn’t think to snap the guys sign!


We decided on the 6.30pm train back to Middlesbrough. We were peckish again so we timed it so we could sample  a very homely and comforting pizza each at Alessi’s.  It’s situated just off Saltburn’s main square close to the famous clock tower and is literally a minute to the train platform.

We ran across the square laden down with our bags of goodies and full stomachs, feeling a tiny bit tipsy just as the whistle was  about to blow for departure. Yes .. they still do that apparently.. even on the small local trains. So nostalgic!

On the train ride home we decided to round off our day with a trip to the cinema to see Bladerunner. Cineworld is just a 5 minute walk from Middlesbrough’s train station. As we settled down to the movie, laughing about who would be the first to nod off, Northern Niche Declan messaged us to say we didn’t need a taxi he would pick us up.

What a perfect end to a perfect Saturday and miraculously we both stayed awake until the end of the movie. Bladerunner is worth the watch.

The market takes place the second Saturday of each month, March through to December 9am-2pm. You can find out more info on their website.

What are your favourite foodie markets? We’d love to know .. we want to try more.




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