#ThisNorthernGirlCan Interview With Abigail Dennison


I’ve been trying to get this young woman to take part in a #ThisNorthernGirlCan interview for what seems like forever. We first met each other almost 4 years ago when she was my Summer intern at a fashion business where I was ecommerce manager.  I knew then she would do amazing things and she did with the launch of a fresh and inspirational magazine. I also know she’ll do more yet .. read on.

Q. Tell us a bit about yourself.

A. My name is Abigail Dennison. My friends call me Abby.

I’m a 23 year old woman from Middlesbrough and I founded Sunday Girl Magazine, a biannual fashion magazine for intellectual girls, in 2015 which I run today from my home.

 Q. What have you loved about growing up in the North?

A. I absolutely loved growing up in the North and never really appreciated until I left for London. I love the sense of community and how you’re never short of someone offering you a hand. I also love our beautiful beaches in the North East.

Q. Did you have any challenges growing up in the North?

A. I didn’t realise the stigma of being Northern in London until I got there. One of my lecturers once told me ‘you’ll never get anywhere with that accent’ and on my first day all the Northerners were told to raise our hands to be told ‘you’ll all be picked on all year’ … not a great start for an 18 year old moving 250 miles away from home!

Q. Have you or do you face any challenges being female?

A. I’m lucky enough to have a really supportive family who have always instilled in me that I can do anything my brother can, which has stuck with me. Most recently my partner and I have been buying our first home and 9 times out of 10 the person on the other end prefers to talk to him rather than me!

Q. What or who inspired your journey to where you are now?

A. Strong women! My mum is super inspiring and has owned her own business since she was 25. Most recently, women all over the world who are sharing their stories and successes keeps me motivated and hungry to stay a part of this movement.

Q. What advice would you to give to girls growing up in the North?

A. To remember that Northern girls can kick ass!! No matter where we’re from, no one should ever feel hindered about where they come from just because some one else says so. You do you and should geography really change our opportunities? No! So don’t listen and go get your dream.

Q. How do you think we can encourage more young people about the importance of gender equality?

A. By reading Sunday Girl ! There are  so many other incredible writings and publications, too. I love  watching Ted Talks and inspirational YouTube videos – Emma Watson, Michelle Obama, Hillary Clinton, Malala etc; are all great to listen to/ watch/ read about to get a zest for this important topic.

Q. Tell us some of your favourite Northern places.

A. Saltburn, Middlesbrough, Manchester, Harrogate, York, Roseberry Topping.

Q. Who are your favourite Northern people (alive or dead?)

A. The Brontë sisters, Helen Sharman (first British astronaut) Carol Anne Duffy and Emmeline Pankhurst.

Q. What would you like to see the #ThisNorthernGirlCan movement do?

A.Keep being a part of the girl power movement!

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