#ThisNorthernGirlCan Facebook Support Group

This Northern Girl Can Facebook Support Group

It’s exciting times for our #ThisNorthernGirlCan support system. If you’ve been following us you’ll now all about our movement we’ve been trying to get off the ground. If not then check out the previous posts here.

We’d been discussing for a while about having a place where we could all talk and congregate more. Plus there’s a few things going on at the moment that hopefully will come to fruition soon so we thought  now as good a time as any to launch the Facebook group.

So here’s the low down …

It’s a community page  managed by us via our own page  The Northern Niche. We’d love it if you liked our page, too 🙂 We share lots of informative, fun stuff about where we live.

The group has been born from a desire to promote Northern women’s achievements and aspirations and to provide support and inspiration, too.

It is an offshoot of The Northern Niche blog and is in collaboration with our friend and North Eastern blogger, Megan Lillie.


Last year we were heartbroken to hear that some parts of the North of England are the worst places in the UK for a girl to grow up. We started with a Twitter page @girlsupnorth and now we have blossomed here.

This is a place to come and chat about our achievements no matter how big or small. A place where we can nominate, highlight and ‘big up’ any Northern girl. It might be your friend, your mum, your work mate. Let’s just come here and shine! Share someone’s kindness and good news stories.

#ThisNorthernGirlCan –  We want to encourage the use of our hashtag as much as we can across all social platforms to raise awareness that girls from the North of England can grow up and do anything and be anyone they set their minds out to do or be. We hope that from the Northern women who are already doing the do the use of our hashtag will send out positive signals to our young women.

PLEASE BE AWARE: This is a place to raise each other up not bring each other down. We want it to be a positive group for sharing achievements and highlighting the good that is happening in our part of the world. Please don’t be unkind or bring anyone down. No mean girls. Remember the saying?

                              “If you can’t say nothing nice, don’t say nothing at all.”


WE ARE NOT GENDER BIASED: Everyone has a mum, sister, daughter, friend, work colleague who is female. The group is open to everyone. Not just females or Northerners for that matter. We want to champion gender diversity, too.

The movement is packaged up as #ThisNorthernGirlCan in order to attract attention to our cause but we want to be about so much more than that although obviously championing women is a big part of us.


NO SALES: This is not a place for any sales or promotion. Perfect when you are introducing yourself but not ongoing. We understand that you might want to nominate someone’s business achievements and that’s absolutely the spirit we want to encouarge. Members found coming to blatantly sell their goods and services or promote themselves tirelessy will be banished!! Understand .. we know the difference.

GEOGRAPHY: You don’t even have to be from the North of England or living here — you just have to expect lots of Northern banter. If you aren’t up for that then we aren’t the place for you.

Megan and I are hoping that the future will bring some exciting meet ups, event and workshops but we really need to build the group up in order to make this a possibility.

So guys, its down to you now .. invite as many people to the group as possible and please, please use the hashtag  #ThisNorthernGirlCan on social media.  We need to unite and  champion for change as much as we can ourselves.


We are really looking forward to seeing where this journey takes us all.

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