This Northern Girl Can Campaign’s Official Launch Is Postponed


Many of you who are regular readers will know that I have been working hard to raise the profile of  This Northern Girl Can. It all started when I wrote an article saying, ‘Don’t Feel Sad For Boro Girls’ back in September 2016. It was a tiny seed of an idea that ever since has grown and blossomed into what was meant to be the This Northern Girl Can official launch today ahead of the week that celebrates women across the globe.

This afternoon I was meant to be taking part in a panel discussion about how the campaign has grown and evolved with the support of  Teesside University

Unfortunately, Mother Nature and #TheBeastFromTheEast has got the better of us all this snowy, blowy week and the event  has had to be postponed.

As the PR machine is already in full swing we decided to continue with everything we had planned to share  this week that is so important for Pressing for Progress for women everywhere.

A New Launch Date Will Be Announced Very Soon

I’ve also realised writing this that I haven’t ever published anything officially  about me becoming a Northern Power Women ambassador. The back story is that I ‘stalked’ founder, Simone Roche on Twitter for several months before I had the opportunity to meet her last Summer.

“She’s A Stalker …??!!”

Simone knows! I was searching the internet for someone who had similar ideas about promoting Northern role models as me. The rest as they say is history.  As I’ve got to know  the powerhouse that is Simone Roche in every sense of the word I’ve begun to realise that she is relentless in her mission to champion gender equality for the North from the North. She never stops and I love that about her.

My role as Northern Power Women ambassador for the Tees Valley will allow the  This Northern Girl Can campaign to benefit from everything the wider North has to offer in terms of the many positive changes that are taking place every day around gender fairness.

The Hard Work That Sees Simone Pressing For Progress Every Single Day

This Northern Girl Can aims to advance gender equality across the Tees Valley region, too.

Just as the Northern Power Women campaign works with both female and male agents of change and their supporters to recognise, celebrate and showcase people and projects that promote gender balance so too This Northern Girl Can will replicate here on our home ground.

So, we are launching a Tees Valley campaign under the banner of This Northern Girl Can  to raise the profiles of the largely hidden women role models in an attempt to illustrate the talent that resides here and by doing so raise the aspiration, ambition and influence of women across the region. As a first step and to create momentum, eight Tees Valley women are driving this campaign with me to highlight and promote gender equality in their own organisations.

We Want To Engage More Women To Create The Real Change That Is Needed

Ambassador and Professor Jane Turner, Pro Vice-Chancellor at Teesside University, said:

“There are some amazing women of all ages in the Tees Valley region, paid and unpaid doing incredible work and we simply want to raise awareness of what goes on within organisations and across the region.  By doing so we will create greater opportunities to collaborate and engage to address the economic and social issues facing our region.”


The launch of the Tees Valley campaign is also very apt as in 2018 we acknowledge and celebrate 100 years since the Representation of the People Act 1918 – the act which allowed some women in the UK the right to vote.

I sometimes wonder how far have we come but that’s a whole other conversation for another time.

I am currently one of only three Northern Power Women ambassadors with a mission to engage organisations across the North with my area being Tees Valley.

The first large organisation in the Tees Valley who has shown a keen interest in engaging is Teesside University.

Come back all this week as I share the interviews from the new #ThisNorthernGirlCan ambassadors.  In the meantime you can read some of the interview that have already taken place here

#ThisNorthernGirlCan & Voices Of The North Interviewees

There will also be more news to publish about my Northern Power Women role over the next few weeks, too

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