The Launch Of The Northern Niche Facebook Business Blog Group


Today is the day we launch our Facebook Business Blog Group. A group where you can share your content and get some eyeballs on it.

Most people, I hope understand by now in 2018 that the easiest part of online marketing is getting your website created and built. As you go through the design process either with an off the shelf solution or with a developer you will think it is all consuming.

Let Me Tell You … THIS Is The Easy Part

The hard part is after you have pressed publish. Figuring out how to get people to find you is the hardest thing you will ever do and will seem never ending.

One of the ways people can find your website is by you posting your latest news or blog posts links on your social media channels.

It’s hard to get people to engage with you, though. They’ve seen it all before or so it would seem.

If You Are A Business With A Blog Or News Section On Your Website This Next Bit Is REALLY Important For You To Read

You might have heard that just dropping your links on your Facebook business page doesn’t work anymore. If you don’t know this where have you been?

Here’s an article I wrote about Facebook’s recent changes. I strongly recommend you read it.

One of the takeaways from Mr Zuckerberg’s announcements was that Facebook wants to get back to being neighbourly and community lead. The best way to embrace this he said is through Facebook groups.

What Is A Facebook Group?

“A Facebook group is a page created for an organisation or business to promote activities. Users can join the group and post their thoughts on a wall and interact through discussion threads.”

We already run a successful Facebook group for our #ThisNorthernGirlCan community. It’s a closed group where members can find support and encouragement in a positive affirming environment.

You can find out more about it here.

Now we know how to do it we thought our next group should be how we could help the Northern business community.

It’s a closed group again {although this might change} and to join you will just need to answer a couple of quick questions about your website and where we can find your blog or the news section of your website.

Joining the group, however, means you have to do something in return for all the businesses that we hope will get involved. It’s not a place for you to drop your links, remember, social media doesn’t work that way.

You are encouraged to read, comment and share other businesses’ news to your own networks.

That’s How It All Works Best

Oh and before I hear you say … “my/our business isn’t on Facebook”

Rewind … why the heck not? Let me tell you that you are missing the biggest marketing trick…EVER!!!

I Don’t Care What Type Of Business You Are  — Facebook Is Where You Absolutely Need To Be

As of  Q3 of 2017 Facebook had over 2 billion active monthly users. Absolutely, it’s great to market your business on Twitter and LinkedIn, too. In fact, after Facebook and Instagram, LinkedIn is my next favourite social media platform.

But think of it like this. When you go home you log off LinkedIn and invariably check out what’s going on on Facebook don’t you? Admit it!

Over 75% Of Users Visit The Platform At Least Once A Day

This is why we as businesses need to get savvier about how we use Facebook and Facebook groups are the way to go .. at least in 2018.

All Businesses Need To Hang Out Where Their Audience Hangs Out .. Simple.

Breaking News… As I’m writing this I’ve also heard that LinkedIn might be reviving their groups. If they do we’ll have a blogging group there, too. LinkedIn’s groups functionality used to be a pretty good way to share news and interact with like-minded business people who guess what .. can become customers, too!

Keep Your Digital Marketing Strategy Moving –  Come And Join The Group  Today At …

The Northern Niche Facebook Business Blog Group

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