A Taste Of The Carribean In Middlesbrough At Turtle Bay


A taste of the Caribbean in Middlesbrough with Turtle Bay? YES! You heard right and you heard  it here!

We’d had our invitation to the preview evening at the new Turtle Bay restaurant in Middlesbrough for quite some time and to say we were excited to attend was beyond an understatement.

Dex was already a fan from his time spent at university in Newcastle and he was always raving about their happy hour cocktails.

Just the very fact that the Turtle Bay chain had decided that the ‘Boro was the site for their next restaurant opening was enough to get me behind them. After all, how much is the ‘Boro coming on? Isn’t it fantastic that brands see us and want to invest in the town? The selection of indys and bigger brands that now see Middlesbrough as a viable investment makes me swell with pride. No longer the poor relative to any other North Eastern town or city — we are on the up.

We’ve actually said this before — you might want to read here.

Here’s a few shots of the interior. I love taking interior shots especially somewhere as bright and vibrant as this. It’s the perfect place to visit when you know that feeling? When you want to get in holiday mode?





I lurvvvve this —  just before you turn the corner to the toilets!


They really spoiled us with the food they offered up on the night for us all to try. Platters of vegetarian and meat starters, curries and something called watermelon chow. This has to be tasted to be believed  — watermelon with spices. Try it — you’ll love it!! Guess what as well?  As a shout out to the ‘Boro they even prepared their own take on our celebrated ‘Parmo’ and created us a jerk chicken version. I can’t guarantee this will be on the menu but I think it should be — it was lush!




If puds are your thing there are so many to choose from… cheesecake, brownies and pie — all with a Caribbean twist.

Drinks wise we were really spoilt for choice. I sampled the Marley Mojito made with rum, green melon liqueur, fresh mint, watermelon and ginger beer. My favourite, though, was the Bramble Bay — white rum,with blackberry liqueur, fresh lemon and club soda. I also tried one with Tanqueray gin. Once our friendly waitress realised I was a gin lover she was saying I must try it with gin and I’ve got to say it hit the spot. All I needed ( in my head) was the hammock 🙂


Declan’s Thoughts 

“Having been to Newcastle’s Turtle Bay quite a few times whilst living in the city I love the brand. It is quickly becoming a national house-hold name with its instantly recognisable branding, food and cocktails. The rum based cocktails have to be my favourite aspect of Turtle Bay  with the ‘One Love’ & ‘Beachcombers Zombie’ being my go to drinks with the latter helping you well on the way to intoxication … haha. The new Middlesbrough restaurant has some new items on their menu which were a pleasant surprise and I loved the vegan curry. The sweetcorn fritters are also gorgeous. Hands down though their jerk chicken cannot be beaten. I’m really excited that Middlesbrough is attracting such a young and thriving restaurant chain …  long may it continue!”

We had a great experience at Turtle Bay and speaking to people who have visited other locations across the country it seems that they are a food chain getting it right. Let us know if you’ve sampled their Caribbean delights in the comments. We’d love to know what you think, too.


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