A Night At Tapas Revolution, Newcastle

Having left Newcastle since graduating university there, there seems to have been an explosion of new restaurant openings; becoming even more apparent since with the opening of the new Grey’s Quarter in Eldon Square. When the opportunity arose to visit one of the latest and exciting new restaurants, Tapas Revolution we jumped at the chance. Even better, the head chef and founder of the franchise, Omar Allibhoy would be entertaining us.

Walking into the restaurant, the feel is so Spanish (of course) with groups of people enjoying a full table spread of different foods; I couldn’t wait to sample it all. Once greeted with a G&T flavoured with plum and Spanish botanicals we took a seat and were introduced to the Estrella Garcia rep who taught us about the beers our food would be paired with. Working in the restaurant industry, I am accustomed to wine pairings but beer pairings is something I have never thought of. Turns out different beers work better with different food – who knew?!?

Before the food came Omar, the head chef and founder, introduced himself. His passion for quality sourced ingredients and Spanish food was so easy to pick up on. He told us that although Tapas Revolution is a chain, the ingredients are still sourced and imported from small, independent businesses back in Spain. Large business, in this case, does not equal a sacrifice in quality. BRILLIANT!

On to the food…

To start the we had a variety of tapas dishes; Iberico ham on toasted bread, classic Spanish omelette and deep fried croquettes with creamy bechamel sauce filling. The latter were definitely my favourite! Truly scrummy!

We then moved onto the most Spanish dish of all; Paella with chicken and green beans. This was also delicious and the beer went really well with it – perhaps too well haha!

For dessert it was a Spanish version of what we know to be bread and butter pudding. When reading the menu I was actually disappointed with the dessert on offer but I stand corrected; it was SO tasty! It was paired with our final Estrella beer of the night called ‘1906 Black Coupage’. I’m not normally a dark beer/stout drinker but I was once again surprised. It had a deep flavour with hints of chocolate, coffee and liquorice. A fab pairing.

We had a brilliant night at Tapas Revolution in Newcastle and turns out we both love Spanish food. I really want to visit again with more family or a group of friends and share loads of food & beer! Would definitely be a good night! For more info here is a link to their website!

Have you had a chance to visit yet? If so, what did you think?

Let us know!

* Disclosure: We were invited to an evening at the Newcastle restaurant. This does not, however, effect the honesty and integrity of the review. Opinions are always our own and Tapas Revolution had no input on the writing experience. 

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