Seven of the Best Northern Gins


For a few years now, gin has been the ‘in’ spirit of choice. A lot of Northern distilleries now create their own and have built a successful business in doing so. Here is selection of some of the best!

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On To Seven Of The Best Northern Gins…

Hepple Gin

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Distilled in Northumberland, Hepple Gin is the result of a unique collaboration between chef, Valentine Warner; world-renowned barman, Nick Strangeway and others. Surrounded by one of the most botanically vibrant environments in England, Hepple Gin don’t need to look far for inspiration. They also use a unique and innovative triple distillation technique.

Poetic License

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We can vouch for these guys, having tried some of their previous ‘rarity collection’ iterations including a strawberries and cream flavour – perfect for summer evenings! Poetic Licence are a County Durham based company that use their unique flavour inventions as a means to express themselves. They’re usually at many  gin festivals across the region so be sure to check them out.

Durham Gin

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Durham Gin was founded after the owner enjoyed a fair amount of craft spirits along America’s East coast. The gin honours its traditional characteristic as well as reflecting the character of the surrounding city. The unusual juniper flavour is balanced with classically Northern flavours including elderflower, angelica and celery seed.

The Lakes Gin

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The Lakes Gin is the only Northern gin with a true Cumbrian provenance honouring juniper found across the fells of the Lake District. They also use other native botanicals including bilberry, heather and meadowsweet. Their distillery offers tours which recently received a prestigious tourism award by VisitEngland.  

Purple Ram

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Purple Ram Gin is distilled at the Yorkshire Dales Distillery in Colburn. Their Purple Ram, London Dry Gin is quadruple distilled leaving an incredibly smooth spirit. It is flavoured with a touch of artisan local honey providing a slightly sweet taste mixed with the usual botanicals.

Divine Gin

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Distilled just outside of Huddersfield, Divine Gin uses fresh Yorkshire spring water to produce a hearty aroma with distinct character. They also do a raspberry gin that sounds ‘divine’ – see what I did there?

Manchester Three Rivers Gin

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Three River Gin is created at  a Manchester city centre distillery. The gin boasts a particularly smooth mouth-feel with mid palette sweetness derived from vanilla, cinnamon, almond and oats. The distillery also offer an award winning gin experience that is not to be missed.


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Have you tried any of these Northern gins? Can you recommend any others?


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