Sean Sims Subway Ironopolis Signed Print


I was just about to share an image of my Subway Ironopolis print recently on our Instagram page and I suddenly thought I need to share this on the blog. It’s too iconic for me not to preserve it in a blog post.

There’s something about the older you get the more passionate you get about where you live, work and play.

I adore Middlesbrough. I was actually born in Thornaby in Stockton-on-Tees but we moved to Marton when I was 8 years old and I’ve stayed around the area ever since. I guess you can say I have an affinity with both towns. One of the reasons the Northern Niche was born was out of a passion to shout about where we live. We want to contribute in giving the  North a bigger, louder voice.

“It Really Isn’t Grim Up North”

Back to Sean Sims …

He is a professional illustrator born in Middlesbrough and now living in Brighton. He created Subway Ironopolis based on the infamous New York subway map. His reason for his creation was to sing the praises of the town he loves.

On his online shop the print is described as:

“A visual celebration of a town once named ‘Infant Hercules’ and now known as ‘The Mighty Boro’, Subway Ironopolis is a visual pastiche of Victor Magnelli’s designs for the New York Subway maps of the 1970s.

As you travel through the ten different district lines, you discover the names of Boro’s famous Sons & Daughters both past and present.”

Image Credit: Sean Sims


I was lucky enough to be able to buy a limited signed copy and with a decent, wooden black frame I think it looks the business.I knew my husband would appreciate the sentiment. I gave it to him as a Christmas gift.

I’d like the other print Sean has created, too … The Middlesbrough Ironopolis. I think we need the pair, don’t you?

You can buy the prints here while stocks last.

We love championing small independent creators and businesses.


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