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Middlesbrough’s town centre is really going places. It seems like the council is working hard to make the town an exciting  place to visit to eat and drink. Until recently and really  since the arrival of Bedford Street I can be honest and say that the town was rarely on my radar for a night out and certainly not to eat out. It’s been a long time coming but with the arrival of Bistrot Pierre last month I really feel like the up is on the up!

Bistrot Pierre Arrives In Middlesbrough

It was with much anticipation and excitement that I accepted an invitation to a preview dinner at Bistrot Pierre last week. There’s nothing better for PR than inviting local bloggers to sample and review an event or restaurant.  These days people like reviews from ‘real’ people. As a side note we always like to revisit a restaurant later on ourselves when it’s not on show for a PR dinner. We’ve done this a few times with Turtle Bay,  The Curing House and Tapas Revolution and we’ve not been let down so far.

The first thing that really stops you in your tracks is the impressive frontage. You definitely feel like you are arriving for something special, not just your tea!


Bistrot Pierre is a small exclusive chain currently at 21 locations across the country including 3 in Wales. Middlesbrough is their most northerly restaurant. What a coup for the town!

Inside, the restaurant is just as impressive. I love it when a brand pays such attention to detail as this.

the-northern-niche-relaxed-frenchdining-at-bistrot-pierre-middlesbroughBut, you’re waiting to hear about the food.

First, to arrive at the table was a platter of appetisers.  This included olives, cheese, toasted bread with French butter and the yummiest roasted chorizos I have EVER tasted. They were drizzled in honey. Writing this I’m back there  in my mind and I want them again .. NOW!!

For my starter  I had the ‘Brioche et Champignons’ or mushrooms on toast to me and you.

I also opted to have Alsace bacon stirred through the dreamy, creamy mushroom sauce. This is comfort food 101. I was in heaven. Everyone around our table ordered something different and we spent the night oo-ing and aah-ing at each others plates as they arrived.

Next up I chose the ‘Steak-Frites’  – steak and chips. I was adventurous and had it served pink as our server suggested. This is quite a new direction for me to have my meat served rarer than I’ve been used to eating. It’s definitely worth a try. After all, you don’t  know til you try something do you?  It was like velvet in my mouth. Smothered in garlic butter sauce that I also drizzled over my chips. Ooh la la!!

All washed down with a glass or two of  Cuvée 94.

It may have been a dull, damp Monday evening outside but inside I was floating on my own little cloud of foodie, French heaven.


When it comes to desserts I usually say I save the best to last as I have the sweetest tooth I know.

Look at this baby —- ‘Frangipane’ —  a pear and raspberry pud served with vanilla crème fraîche and toasted pistachios. I had to give it 4 photos because it was so scrumptious. There’s actually a recipe to try it at home if you are into baking. Sadly, I’m not but I’m happy to be a taster!


When I first started writing reviews I used to mention the toilets. Now, I know talking about food alongside the loos might seem a bit offputting but I truly believe you learn a lot about an establishment  from the attention to detail and cleanliness it pays to the smallest room in the house. Needless, to say I’m giving Bistrot Pierre 5 stars.


The company describes itself as “great value provincial French cooking in relaxed surroundings”.

I can honestly say I think they have summed themselves up quite nicely without sounding pretentious. It was good food and very relaxing. We were having so much fun and were so relaxed that we didn’t want to go home. I don’t have many Monday nights like that. Maybe Mondays are the new Thursdays!

Next time I want to try out a weekend breakfast with Mr NN and also the Diner et Vin (Dinner & Wine)  which sounds like amazing value for money. This dinner is the 1st and 3rd Wednesday of the month. You can choose either 2 or 3 courses and each course is paired with a glass of wine for £22.95/£27.95 respectively. Sounds like my kind of dinner.

If you’re local please go and try it out and support it. We think it’s a a great addition to Middlesbrough. Let us know if you’ve tried it, too.


* Disclosure: We were invited to an evening at the Middlesbrough restaurant. Opinions are always our own and Bistrot Pierre had no input in our opinions or writing of this review.

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