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The North East’s coffee scene appears to be changing. Gone are the days of having to turn to the household names of Costa and Starbucks; there are now some cool independent coffee shops popping up all over the place! Here at The Northern Niche we visited one of these new offerings – Mint Hobo in the idyllic market town of Yarm in Teesside.


Until about 2 years ago I didn’t like coffee. I was always typically British and stuck to tea. Now I appreciate coffee. I look at the blend’s origins and try to taste the different flavour undertones. Did you know that every origin coffee bean should come with a unique taste? No, me neither! Luckily, the owner Steve was there to help at Mint Hobo. I went for the usual, a soy milk flat white. The other half of Northern Niche, my mum, tried the same but with almond milk. When asked which blend I would like it was a tough question. I saw the name ‘Tanzania’ and went for it due to its apparent sweet and tart citrus taste; your guess is as good as mine why I was drawn to that.

The coffee, as expected, was delicious. As was the flapjack I had with it. As well as coffee, Mint Hobo also offers a wide selection of teas, desserts including muffins, tray bakes and brownies, scones and toasties. The decor is minimalist and was nice and cosy when it was pouring down outside. The highlight is definitely the friendly staff with the owner, Steve offering unique insights to the coffee with a big smile.


Mum also asked me to mention the toilets as apparently you can tell a place is good if the toilets are clean and tidy…she said they were 5 star!


Mint Hobo is a definite place to visit if you fancy a good coffee, brilliant service and a some relaxation. Check out their website here.


Have you visited Mint Hobo? Please let us know what you thought if you have. We’d also be interested to hear your recommendations for more places to try coffee in the North. We hope to try some more of the pit stops featured in The Northern Independent Coffee Guide.


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