Middlesbrough Town Hall’s Reopening

The main hall

Middlesbrough Town Hall has been undergoing a restoration for quite some time now. With close to £8 million spent, the venue is back and basking in glory. We got the chance to have a sneak peek look around before the official opening day later this month.

Last Year …

In September last year we went on a ‘hard hat tour’ of the Town Hall during the renovation process. We were greeted with a mountain of scaffolding and actually got to climb to the top of it – pretty much touching the roof! It’s amazing to see how far it’s come less than 9 months later. You can read the full post here; including some historical facts about the Town Hall, too.

The main hall with a mountain of scaffolding
Climbing up to explore the roof of the court room

And Now…

The Town Hall  has so much more to offer with new spaces for a variety of events. The main entrance has completely changed with a thoroughfare between that now includes a café and bar as well as the box office. There’s so much more natural light than before with these new windows. You can also look upwards to the clock tower.

New entrance

At the next level up where you can see the balcony (picture below) guests can get access to the main hall. There’s also a new bar with plenty of space.


The renovated crypt looks unrecognisable with new lighting and original features reinstalled. The window frames are original and  once again allowing natural light to come in from the café area. The old beams that actually hold the full structure up are now a distinct feature.

The Crypt

With the new lighting system installed there’s potential for a wider variety of events to take place in the Crypt than ever before including theatre productions.

The crypt’s original windows

The main hall is breathtaking and feels a lot more modern without compromising on its history. The stage layout has been changed to make it more accessible and spacious.

The main hall

I actually touched one of the dragons on our last visit when the scaffolding was up. My legs were like jelly – I don’t like heights!

Main hall roof
The main hall stage

The stain glass windows are one of my highlights of the restoration – truly beautiful. This one details some of the famous historic composers that have previously performed in the main hall between 1889 and 1939.

The main hall stain glass windows

Other parts of the building are now just as accessible as the main hall and Crypt such as the courtroom, police cells and old fire station. They’ve all been restored back to their original glory.

Restored court room roof
Restored fire station

It was so exciting to get a sneak peek.  There’s so much potential for Middlesbrough’s Town Hall to once again become a hub for the town where business owners and the wider community can mix and benefit from the revamped areas. I think the new spaces offer a lot of potential. It’s hoped the venue will now attract bigger and better acts than ever before.

There’s a lot more information on their website here including upcoming events and contact information for space hire. They’re open to a conversation about any kind of event.

Do you have any memories of Middlesbrough Town Hall? We’d love to hear them.


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