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What a way to brighten up a day … calling for a spot of lunch at Tapas Revolution, Newcastle.

Everything about this place makes me feel happy. Its ambience, its colourful-ness, its staff and most of all its menu. It’s not the first time we’ve been. We were first introduced to the Tapas Revolution story when it launched in the Spring of 2017. It wowed us back then and as a family we’ve been back on various occasions.

I’d Never Been At Lunchtime So Was Excited To Try The Menu




There were only a couple of tables occupied when we arrived just after 1pm. I think this is because there is just so much to choose from now in the Grey Quarter in Eldon Square. It filled up more as we enjoyed our lunch. We were sat quite near the front and lots of passersby seemed to be straining their necks to see what was on our table.

We drew the crowds in .. ha ha!

We chose our lunch from the set menu for two. There are three options to choose from and we chose the ‘Del Chef’. It’s exceptional value for money at £28.00 for two.



My companion { read husband}  always gets excited with tapas as they bring dish after dish to the table. I must admit there is something about the ‘good things in small parcels’ theme of tapas.

Here’s Our Selection

It consisted of;

Pan Con Tomate ~ toasted bread, tomato, garlic and olive oil.

Albóndigas en salsa ~ beef meatballs in a vegetable, tomato and white wine sauce.

Croquetas de Jamón ~ deep fried Ibérico ham and bechamel croquettes ~ these are my personal favourite. I could eat them until the cows come home. The depth of flavour is simply sublime.

Calamares fritos a la andaluza ~ squid strips tossed in flour; deep fried and served with alioli and lemon.

Tortilla de patatas ~ classic Spanish omelette with eggs, potato and onion

Suquet de pescado ~ traditional cod stew with potatoes, saffron and almonds.


We couldn’t visit ‘ the revolution’ without a glass of beer. We both have a weakness for  Estrella Galicia since we first tried it last year. It’s a premium lager, pale golden in colour and bitter and smooth in equal parts. I love how they serve it too; with tiny breadsticks and parma ham. Nibbles and beer together .. perfection.

I Had To Try Dessert

It takes a lot for me not to have room for dessert. I have a  sweet tooth you see. I always eye up the menu at the very beginning so I know what the grand finale is going to look like.

I’d eyed the ‘Pastel de Chocolate  y Turrón’ ~ a chocolate and hazelnut brownie  served with Spanish almond cream .. yes you read it right .. almond cream. It was heavenly. I’ll be disappointed if they ever remove it from their menu, now!

We rounded off with a café cortado each ~ espresso coffee with steamed milk.



I’ve snapped a few interior pics of the restaurant and bar area. It’s very atmospheric and there is a lot of attention to detail.




We were both very pleased that standards were still very high at Tapas Revolution. It’s great to see this small chain  doing so well and holding its own amongst so much choice. I would really recommend you give it a try.

The only thing that I am really disappointed by is that I am not going to get the opportunity to try one of these beauties!

Easter Churros


This is what the Tapas Revolution guys say on their website:

This year we are celebrating Easter with an upgrade on of our most beloved, homemade desserts. Say hello to our decadent ‘Easter Churros’ – served in a milk chocolate Easter egg with an indulgent white chocolate sauce for dipping.

The Spanish spin on mini doughnuts are cigar shaped, freshly made from choux pastry and served piping hot with warm milk chocolate dipping sauce.  We’ve upped the ante for Easter, using the popular Cadbury Easter egg, adding a Spanish twist with churros and a delicious white chocolate sauce for dipping.

These will only be available on Friday, 30th and Saturday, 31st March.


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