Let’s All Shout About The Tees Valley Good Stuff

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Image Credit: Eric Sandelands

I was invited  by a friend to an event last week at Acklam Hall. It was for the Tees Valley launch of the RSA network. I’ll say at this point I’d ‘heard’ of the RSA but that was where my knowledge of the society ended.

Meet local Fellows, spark inspiring discussions, share new ideas, and help shape the future of RSA activity in the Tees Valley.

The mission of the RSA is to enrich society, creating the conditions for the enlightened thinking and collaborative action needed to address today’s most pressing social challenges. With 29,000 Fellows around the world, the RSA shares powerful ideas, carries out cutting-edge research, builds networks and opportunities for people to collaborate, and helps to create a flourishing society.

A group of RSA Fellows in the Tees Valley want to act as a catalyst to create a local, vibrant, and dynamic network

Tees Valley Mayor, Ben Houchen had also been invited along as the inaugural  speaker to share his snippets of Tees Valley positivity.

I’ve heard Ben speak a few times at various events around the region and his passion is infectious. I always come away  fired up. So fired up that I nearly always add comment on social media but this time, this time I decided to take tap to screen, or pen to paper as they would’ve said in ye olden days!

Positive news is why we created The Northern Niche .. championing the North with a particular slant on our North East. Remember one of my very first stories?

Don’t Feel Sad For Boro Girls?

The reason for this post, though?

Well, because once again I came home  on a high about Teesside, Tees Valley whatever we all call it.  Personally, I prefer Teesside but we are getting known now as Tees Valley now. That’s for another post. But I have sadness, too. Sadness that not everyone gets to hear about the good stuff I’m fortunate to hear about on a regular basis.

It’s why I feel compelled to share it here on The Northern Niche.

I know it’s big news about the SSI site and the transport infrastructure but there’s so much brilliant stuff that we hardly hear about.

  • An engineering company, Tees Components in Skelton was involved in the astute class submarine programme.
  • A £3.2 billion mining project by Sirius Minerals. The mayor says “an independent study suggests their plans to mine polyhalite will boost the size of the Tees Valley economy by 18%!”
  • Also something that’s very close to my heart as it’s the sector I work in … 2018’s digital data for Middlesbrough from Tech Nation: jobs in digital tech grew by 19.5% in 2016-17.

I don’t always get to see the news, I hardly watch terrestrial  tv and I don’t read the Gazette .. personally can’t stand the amount of ads. Takes me twice as long to find and read to the end the articles I might be interested in.

The ways we absorb and interact with media is changing  and while we have the growing audience we do here , I feel compelled to share as much of the good stuff  I can, when I can.

At the table I was sat at at  the RSA event we all agreed positivity breeds positivity and we all have to champion that in whatever way we can.

This is my way so please share, comment, get involved. Every little helps.

Back to the RSA.

Here’s all the information you ever needed to know about the RSA. This video explains it far better than I ever could.

I really hope the Tees Valley network takes off. I look forward to seeing how Andy Price and Eric Sandelands progress it further.

In the meantime there’s tons of informative articles to lose yourself in on the RSA website.… all good stuff 😉


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