The Latest Social Media News – November 2017


November 2017

This is my first monthly feature of all the latest social media news, updates and facts. We hope to take some of the complicated details and find out how the updates can benefit or potentially hinder your business.

Here we go … our first stint at sharing some of the latest social media news…

Twitter roll-out 280 character limit


Twitter have doubled their character limit potentially leaving behind it’s core ethos of conciseness for good.

Twitter’s shares have been falling this year with new user numbers also stalling. I know I’ve seen a growing trend of peers abandoning the social media platform for personal use.

Twitter CEO, Jack Dorsey said that the update hoped to allow users to spend less time editing tweets to fit into 140 characters, thus increasing engagement time.

In term of how this works for your business, it can work just the same. If you want to get your message across it is now likely that you will spend less time editing a tweet to fit into the character limit. You’ll be able to spend longer engaging with potential clients or customers.

Twitter have also said that in the test run the obnoxiously long tweets that are probably flooding your feed will subside. It’s just a phase. THANK GOD!

A huge Snapchat update is coming


In the not to distant future, Snapchat may become unrecognisable.

Having also struggled of late, Snap Inc. the platform’s parent company are promising a complete redesign. They promise to make it more user friendly for the over-34 demographic as currently 71% of their users are under-34.

But what do we know already?

The Business Insider revealed that Snapchat may look a lot more like Facebook with a feed similar in appearance to theirs.

It looks like the redesign may encourage businesses to start utilising Snapchat and incorporate it into a digital marketing strategy if not already.  We’re all about increased user-friendliness.

Facebook & Instagram Algorithm Changes – The ‘reachpocalypse’


The ‘reachapocalypse’ is upon us. The term first coined by the fantastic and world famous Facebook marketeer, Mari Smith.

Understanding Facebook and Instagram algorithms is a difficult science. I’ve seen people complaining about a reduction in reach and subsequent engagement all over my social media feeds of late. We, as a company, have also noticed a decrease on client accounts. There’s even talk of organic content soon having ZERO reach.


Facebook say that they’re not doing it to make more money through paid ads. Whilst ad spend will probably increase, they say that they’re simply doing it to get Facebook users to be more social; weird when it’s a social media platform. I do however, agree that this does need to happen! For too long business haven’t engaged with their followers enough and still reaped the benefits of marketing on the platform.

Put simply, for your business posts to stay in people’s feeds you must engage more. You must also now turn to using ads manager if you haven’t before; creating dynamic and engaging adverts. We can help you with that!

What you need to understand is that Facebook’s news feed is prime real estate! And just like in real life, utlising all you can to stand out from the crowd, including investing financially, increases your chances of profiting.

Final thoughts

I hope that I have helped contextualise some of the latest social media news and updates. Even though most of us use social media on a daily basis, the fast paced and ever changing nature of the business is often daunting – we get it!

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Look out for more news and updates next month. You can also check out some other related blog posts here.

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