Hats Off To Top Hat Musical At The Tyne Theatre & Opera House

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When the opportunity to review  the ‘Top Hat’ musical landed in our inbox I knew that it would be right up my mum’s street.

We find it hard to fit in as much time as we would like to  together so I thought  this would be the perfect mum and daughter evening out. After all, the combination of Irving Berlin’s tunes and Fred & Ginger’s moves spans across most generations. I don’t think I’ve ever come across anyone who can’t hum along to ‘Puttin’ On The Ritz’ or ‘Let’s Face The Music And Dance’.

I’ve got to admit I knew very little about the Tyne Theatre & Opera House or the West End Operatic Society before the show but both were a  real eye opener.

The theatre is a Grade 1 listed building and has a 3 star rating from the Theatres Trust. It is one of about only 2 dozen or so such theatres in the UK and is also one of only ten that date from the Victorian period. It is a not for profit organisation so its important that we do our bit to keep it running. Filling the stalls with shows like ‘Top Hat’ will certainly go some way to maintaining a ‘full house’.


Back To The Show …

I’ve  seen the original movie on TV over the years probably more than once but I hadn’t remembered just how mad cap and funny the story line was.

The stand outs of the night for me along with the lead male and female were ‘Bates’ played by Jonathan Cash and ‘Alberto Beddini’ played by Charles Doherty. Beddini flounces across the stage like Michael McIntyre’s Italian cousin and plays the preening peacock of a dress designer to a tee.

I particularly enjoyed the duet ‘Outside Of That, I Love You’  by husband and wife, Horace and Madge. Andrew Fearnon and Helen Cash provided excellent comedy value as the seemingly ill matched but ideally suited couple.

My mum thoroughly enjoyed herself; we both did. She was tapping her feet most of the way through the entire show. It was good to see her reminiscing to tunes that brought back memories for her  – she  is 75 years young.

The singing and dancing was on par with many professional shows I’ve seen and to be really honest I am always in awe of performances with an amateur cast and orchestra. I mean, just how do they provide such top notch quality  entertainment and level of commitment when most of them have full time jobs or studies?


The audience seemed a good mix of all ages and there were clearly a lot of family and friends in of the cast which made for an energetic and buzzing atmosphere.

The show is only on until this Saturday 17th February but this does also include two matinees on Thursday and Saturday. Ticket prices start at just £9.00 and go up to £19.80. Our seats were in the Grand Circle and we had an excellent view.

Image Credit: Tyne Theatre & Opera House

‘Hats off’ to the West End Operatic Society … we thought they nailed it!


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