Harry Potter Themed Afternoon Tea


As you will have guessed I love afternoon tea. Actually, we both do. I saw on Facebook recently that a local tea room was offering a Harry Potter themed afternoon tea. My two boys grew up on J.K. Rowling’s literary genius along with the movies and as Dex is currently reading ‘Harry Potter & The Cursed Child’ I thought this was a perfect opportunity for a blast from the past.

Fast forward to a very grey and rainy September Saturday afternoon in the town of Stockton. The high street there is currently under a bit of a resurgence. It’s a contender for the ‘Rising Star’ category in this year’s Great British High Street Awards. I grew up not too far away from the town and I remember a time when it thrived on the hustle and bustle created by the throng of people that used to gather to shop at it’s many independent businesses and market stalls on busy market days. A lot of money has been spent by the local council on trying to revive the concept and bring the town back from the aftermath of the recession. I do hope the council succeeds in it’s plan and to even be shortlisted for the award will raise much needed awareness.

So we found ourselves on Finkle Street eagerly wanting to shake off the rain and find out what was in store for us at Remember Me Tea Rooms. We had booked ahead. This is a requirement for their themed teas.


As soon as we walked in we spied our table immediately. It would’ve been hard not to as our waiter, Dobby the House Elf was standing by! The table was decorated with an array of Harry Potter themed sweetie indulgences that we were eager to sample: edible Golden Snitches, Bertie Bott’s Beans and Fizzing Whizzbees. This was a Harry Potter fan’s delight!


Our waitress then brought us each a glass of Butter Beer to sample. This was very sweet and I couldn’t finish although Dex had no trouble. I was conscious that I was already feeling full. We were allowed to choose sandwiches and scones. We chose tuna and red onion and ham and cheese sandwiches. Scones wise we chose a cheese one and an M & M’s one to share. This I have got to say was lush as not only was it served with cream but also Nutella spread. Yum! We chose tea to drink and this arrived in a pretty china tea pot and mismatched shabby chic cups and saucers. The tea room itself is inspired by days gone by and has lots of war time memorabilia dotted around.

The thought and attention to detail that is gone into the tea is second to none. Along with the sandwiches and scones came chocolate wands that were actually breadsticks dipped in chocolate and decorated in chocolate flakes and coconut — a very clever idea.


The cutest things ever sitting atop the tea were the chocolate frogs and the Mandrake cupcakes nestling in their tiny, teracotta plant pots. I will be honest and say we have yet to try these as by the time we worked our way through we literally were too full and we didn’t want to spoil the experience. They were securely boxed up by our waitress to take home.


More tea to accompany wasn’t a problem although the one thing I would recommend is that I always feel better if it is offered rather than having to ask for more.

Overall having a themed tea like this couldn’t surpass some of the more traditional teas I have sampled. I would say however that it was marvellous value for money at £10.00 per head especially for the attention to detail that has clearly gone into it’s development and authenticity. It’s clearly very popular too as Dobby had to serve some other lucky visitors just as we were finishing up. Had this experience been around when my boys were younger I feel sure it would’ve been a perfect birthday treat. I can just imagine birthday parties with all the kids dressed up as their favourite Harry Potter character. My two were always Harry Potter and I can even remember drawing on the lightening bolt shape scar on their foreheads with a red lip pencil. Keeping it real was always everything in our household!


You can book a place at Remember Me Tea Room’s Facebook page. I found them very prompt to respond,

You can support Stockton’s chance to be shortlisted in The Great British High Street Awards by sharing your photos while you are out and about shopping using the hash tag #GBHighStreet on Twitter and Facebook.

Image Credits: Great British High Street Awards

We’d love to know if you’ve sampled this delight or found any other great themed afternoon teas in the North. Please let us know in the comments.


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