Celebrating Twenty Years Of The Angel Of The North


Can you believe the Angel of the North leaves her teenage years behind this month? It feels like we’ve always had her around doesn’t it?

The infamous silhouette of the Angel of the North on the Team Valley gives off an air of quiet confidence and reassurance like she was always there.

Apparently she gets seen by over 90,000 drivers a day as they zoom past on the A1. I know our family can never resist a photo when we see her from the car.

Usually It’s An Instagram Boomerang These Days

The one thing we’ve never done though is actually stop for a photo opportunity when we are en-route somewhere.

We’ve Got To Change That & Soon

Over the years she has become an icon and like many icons a whole gift industry builds up around them.

In homage to her twentieth year we decided to share a selection of  themed gifts from some of our favourite indies.. all local .. all in the North East.


1.Angel of the North Cushion By My World  – That’s Champion Pet £35.00Angel_of_the_North_My-World-Cushion

2. Angel Heart Map Print  By Missus Print – That’s Champion Pet £10.00


3. Angel Of The North Linocut Print – ArtyPants On Etsy  £12.00


4. Wor Storm Angel – For The Love of The North  £16.00


5. Angel Card – For The Love Of The North £2.50


6. Angel Of The North Coaster { Pack of 4} – Powder Butterfly £15.00


7. Angel of the North Cosmetics Bag – Powder Butterfly £15.95


8. Angel Of The North Print By Mattie Brass – That’s Champion Pet £10.00


We are hoping to feature more small independent gift suppliers in the future as so many people enjoyed our write up about the Sean Sims Subway Ironopolis print.

Let Us Know Your Favourites For Consideration

Image Credit: Gateshead Council


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