The North’s Best Autumn Walks

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Summer has gone! How’d that happen? There’s a definite nip in the air and the leaves are just about to change colour; autumn is here! As a celebration we’ve decided to put a list together of some of the best places for an autumn walk in the whole northern region. Enjoy!

Top Picks from the Forestry Commission

One of autumn’s major perks is the beautiful colours the region’s forests have an offer. I’ve picked the Forestry Commission’s areas to showcase because as well as the amazing nature and scenery each of their areas offer, they often also have facilities for families such as playgrounds and cafes. Here are some of their top picks…

Bedburn Valley Trail, County Durham

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This walk is in a beautiful, forested valley and therefore protected from the harshest autumn weather. About an hour’s drive from all major cities and towns in the North East it’s perfect for a family day out when you don’t want to drive too far. It also features a sculpture from Phil Townsend; an impressive ‘Green Man’ honouring the surrounding nature.

Carron Crag Trial, Cumbria 

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The Lake District has always been somewhere us northerners visit to escape ‘normal life’ and head away to the country. It has also recently been declared a World Heritage Site so expect to see an increase in visitor numbers. This walk is a hard 3 miler but offers fantastic panoramic views of Ambleside when you reach the summit – not to be missed!

Blakemere Trial, Cheshire

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If you’re into birdlife and live in the north west then this is the walk for you. Any easy walk that can be done as a light stroll, this walk offers a bit of an autumn treat with stunning views of Blakemere Moss lake whilst listening to the vibrant & abundant bird life.

My favourite autumn walks

I will always resort back to good old Saltburn for an autumn walk; a place mentioned many a time on this blog. You just can’t beat the coast. Wrapped up warm, fish and chips in hand with a lovely breeze off the sea is one of my favourite things in life. Saltburn also has a lot of new craft shops and cafes which are always good to explore. The surf is  really good if you fancy a try at it – the water temperature is actually the warmest in September  through October, too. You’ll still, of course, need a wetsuit but it’s something to keep in mind.


Where do you like to go for an autumnal walk?

Have you been to any of the places mentioned in this post?

We might even add to this post if you have any really good recommendations.





  • Great post. I will definitely pay the Bedburn Valley trail a visit. I don’t suppose you know if it’s suitable for wheelchairs at all? One of my favourite places is Hackfall Wood in Masham, If you park in the local pub car park (they do allow it for walkers and offer great food for afters), you head through the fields and into the woods. It’s an ascent that leads you to a man made spring, a natural waterfall and many different ruins. The best is when you reach the very top. From the front it is merely the ruins of a castle. When you look around the sides and the back you can see it has been transformed into a mini cottage which you can stay in. When you reach this point to admire the view, on a clear day you can see Roseberry Topping. Fantastic fun for families and the walk takes around 2 hours (unless you stop to explore like we did)! The only thing I would say is if you have smaller children, bring reigns as some of the descent is quite slim with no barriers.

    • Thanks for your comment! I don’t know if it’s suitable for wheelchairs unfortunately. The Forestry Commission rate the route as a ‘moderate’ difficulty so I don’t think it’ll have any challenging terrain. Hackfall Wood sounds lovely – will have to remember it when I fancy an autumnal walk!

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