Is The Seaside Town Of Saltburn On The Up?

Northern -Niche-Saltburn-Cliff-Top

Saltburn is a quaint North Eastern town overlooking the North Sea close to Redcar. Lots of the existing buildings were built to satsify the Victorians who flocked to it for the sea air and for promenading its pier. As you walk around you can certainly get a feel for its glamorous past.

According to a local website, Saltburn by the Sea;
“Many features remain from the Victorian era. The formal Italian Gardens are linked to the shore by a miniature railway and a unique cliff lift, which opened in 1884; it is Britain’s oldest operating water-balanced cliff lift. The lift affords panoramic views during its gentle descent to this coast’s only pier.”

As the boys were growing up it was our favourite beach spot that was only a short drive away. We spent many a happy day here — our dog, Bruno loved to stretch his legs running along the sandy beach chasing the big dogs.

Over the years Saltburn’s fortunes have taken a dive like many towns across the North but it’s good to see a bit of a creative and retail revival going on. For the last couple of years we’ve noticed quite a bit going on along the beach front such as new places to get a snack or an ice cream or to have a drink. We had always arrived by car and parked very close to the beach and it was very rare that we ever ventured further into the town. It wasn’t a place we cared to visit too much as the beautiful beach didn’t seem to match with the sad 19th century facades on the cliff top. If you arrive by train you are instantly in the heart of the shops and restaurants that are going through this mini resurgence.

We spent about 4 hours having a mooch which of course included the obligatory cake and coffee pit stop.

I hope you enjoy our photos and suggestions.

1. First Stop — an Aladdin’s Cave of a shop called The Cave. We bought Candleberry candles.


2. Ripping Yarns — we reckon this is where all those Yarn Bombers must go for their supplies.


3. The Yorkshire Pie & Mash Shop — looked and sounded fab — we’ll defintely be back.


4.The Clock Tower — first thing you see when you come out of the train station


5. The Sitting Room — sells tea and liquor. We had a cake and coffee pit stop here. Quirky with miss matched crockery and unusual cake choices. We tried caramel and spiced apple and rose, pistachio and white chocolate. Yum yum.



6. The day we visited there was a new business opening called The LillianDaph Lifestyle Store. It seemed like their visitors were appreciative. We mingled and were treat to prosecco and cupcakes. Describing themselves as a destination we defintely think one to re-visit when less crowded.



7. The Candy Bank – a veritable treasure trove for those with pocket money and a sweet tooth. That’s us then! We bought sugar mice, liquorice, coconut ice and old fashioned traffic light lollipops.



8. We couldn’t visit Saltburn though and not stop by our beloved beach front. For an October Saturday not only was the weather sublime but the place was heaving.


We absolutely love Saltburn. We are so glad that investment appears to be taking place right through the town to attract visitors at levels of Victorian times again. It has held a place in our family’s heart for a very long time and long may it continue. We will never tire of jumping in the car, all weather and spending some quality family time there but in future some of those visits will include a visit to the shops.

What do you love about Saltburn and if you haven’t been — why not?


    • I don’t think we’d ever tire of it Annette and there looks like there is so much more happening now, too 🙂

    • You must try again, Sam — your kids would love a day there. Any weather its always gorgeous — the waves were wild on Saturday. I don’t think we’ve ever had a bad visit. It’s gorgeous as the sun is setting, too. I wonder if you can be on commission for a place!!

  • Saltburn is so lovely we decided to live here ! . Lots of walks, scenery, shops and fab people. Nothing pretentious . Its a gem for surfer dudes, better parking and better fish and chips than Whitby , Very good services including GPs, schools etc , ten minutes drive to the moors, and just a 20 ish minute drive to major chain stores , retail parks and work for many. Whats not to love. 🙂

  • Thanks for your great write up of our much loved hometown. In Saltburn we are thankful that the stoic efforts of our independent traders keep the town lively and interesting, bucking the trend of empty shops on the high street. I know your time here must have been limited. Its a shame you did not get chance to mention many of the other fabulous businesses such as Chocolinis, Brambles, Signals, Stonehouse Bakery, and Real Meals just to mention a few. Then scratching beneath the surface there are many community initiatives, a vibrant and well used Theatre, Saltburn Farmers Market and Food Festival. All coming together to make Saltburn what it is today. I hope you manage to visit again…..and again, because I am sure you will find something new each time.

  • I grew up here and left when I was thirteen. I remember ballet lessons in one of the lovely bay windowed rooms in the Alexandra Hotel, the waltzers where the fishing boats are now, and trips on the cliff lift, which is just as charming now. I never thought of moving back – you don’t really – until we had a brief holiday here last year. It all fell into place. We moved back last June after living years away from the sea – and it’s lovely. I’ve rediscovered friendships with girls I went to primary school with. They were lovely girls then – they’re lovelier now. I’m so happy to be home again. Saltburn. It’s magical.

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