We are a new but very ambitious blog established in mid August 2016. We would love to hear about exciting collaberations and adventures. Remember, our unique niche is that you get insightful opinions with a generational overview … a 22 year old Zoology graduate son from Newcastle University called Declan with his 53 year old foodie and fashion mad mum, Sharon!

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We’re not joined at the hip, though. We are just like any other family. What we aren’t though is your traditional lifestyle and parenting blog. Now we have adventures as adults and its great that we still love being in each other’s company even though we all have our own individual lives, work, studies and friendships.

We can come as part of a package together or individually depending on what is required.

Our statistics are very encouraging for a blog that has only been published for such a short time. Our audience are seeming to enjoy both of our slants on what we write about. We can give you the most up to date figures on request.

We are both extremely PR friendly as we both have experience of marketing in our day jobs so we know how it all joins up and what is required to get a job well done. If you would like to speak to us about potential opportunities please get in touch.